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Written By mastur wonogiri on Saturday, July 4, 2020 | 4:24 AM

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Ieri oggi domani (1963)

  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Rating IMDb: 73
  • Year: 1963
  • Duration: 1:58


Stories about three very different women and the men they attract.

Three different stories of Italian social mores are presented. In "Adelina", unemployed Carmine Sbaratti and his wife Adelina Sbaratti survive through Adelina selling black market cigarettes on the street. They are unable to pay for the furniture they bought (which is under Adelina's name), but are able to avoid the bailiff when he comes for the money or to repossess. They come up with a longer term solution to avoid Adelina being prosecuted for non-payment, but that solution has a profound effect on the family, especially Carmine. In "Anna", Anna Molteni, the spoiled wife of a successful businessman, and an artist named Renzo are on the cusp of an affair. Anna is feeling neglected in the marriage, as her husband seems more concerned about success and money than her. But a car accident shows both Anna and Renzo if an affair with each other is really what they want. In "Mara", Mara is a prostitute who works out of her apartment. She befriends Umberto, a young man visiting his grandparents who live in the adjacent apartment, the balconies of the two apartments which are adjoined. Umberto, a seminary student, seems to be attracted to Mara as a woman without really knowing what she does. Umberto's grandmother, who knows what Mara does, believes Umberto's seeming romantic infatuation with Mara will be his downfall. As Mara and Umberto's grandmother ultimately join forces to get Umberto to do the right thing in life, Augusto Rusconi, one of Mara's regular clients who is in town from Bologna, does whatever he can to get Umberto's family issues out of the way so that he can get on with his own wants with Mara.

Episode 1. In Naples the street trader Adelina is sentenced to prison for selling bootleg cigarettes. The lawyer Verace tells her husband Carmine that according to the law a woman cannot be put in prison when she is pregnant and six months after the delivery. Adelina and Carmine start procreating one child after another to avoid imprisonment, but after the 7th child is born, Carmine is burned out and cannot make love anymore. Episode 2. In Milan the wealthy but bored Anna picks up her poor lover Renzo in her Rolls-Royce. She cajoles him to drive the car. Suddenly a boy is standing in the road. Renzo is forced to swerve, and crashes the car into a tractor. Anna gets furious, and goes away with a passing car. Episode 3. In Rome the high-end prostitute Mara captures the attention of the young priest candidate Umberto, when he watches her from his grandparents' roof terrace just beside her. He becomes infatuated by her, and decides to leave the seminary. Umberto's grandmother is inconsolable. Mara takes a holy oath not to have sex for one week, and implores Saint Maurillo to help Umberto return to his calling. Her hot lover Augosto is very discomforted by the whole mess.

Stories about three very different women and the men they attract. Adelina sells black-market cigarettes in Naples, is married to the unemployed Carmine, and faces a jail sentence. She can avoid it as long as she's pregnant. Several years and seven children later, Carmine is exhausted, so jail looks inescapable as does her contempt for Carmine. In Milan, Anna drives a Rolls, is bored, and picks up a writer. She talks dreamily of running off with him until he dents her car; that gets her emotional attention. Mara, a Roman call girl, turns the head of a naive seminarian, prompting a run-in with his granny and a vow of abstinence. Mara's fizzy lover from Bologna grows impatient.


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